WG Willow

WG Willow is at the pinnacle of cricketing excellence offering the finest in handcrafted cricket bats and top-quality equipment.

Headed by Gary Sandford, ex-minor county player with over 35 years of experience in bat making WG Willow aims to give you a personalised and specialist approach to your cricketing needs.

Bespoke Handcrafted Cricket Bats

Top quality Wicket Keeping equipment

Only the finest materials for our Wicket Keeping equipment including Calf leather Gloves and quality merriskin P.U pads.

Wicket Keeping

Excellence in Batting equipment

Lightweight, reinforced, well protected top quality batting gloves and pads to suit the needs of every keen cricketer.


Tradition and Craftsmanship

At WG Willow our cricket bats are handcrafted and designed from scratch. From designing the stickers to shaping a bat we ensure tradition and quality shines through.

A first class cricket supplier - this is a new business that upholds tradional values in the best way - quality products, with know how and a reliable service.

Darren Lunney

Superb service and 1st class cricket bats made by one of the best bat makers in the country. Would highly recommend.

Richard Jerome

Ive known Gary for more than 20 years and still get excited when a new bat is being delivered. The new WG Willow bats are excellent and the range of pads and gloves to choose from are second to none. Cant wait to use my new blade and find the middle with some drives!

Jon Beddow